To Former Members and Visitors of Red Hanky Handball

February 19th, 2016

Without warning or notice unexpectedly shut down. Unfortunately, this was the vendor that hosted Red Hanky Handball on their servers. The site no longer exists. Fortunately, I was working on another social media website that I wholly and independently own and operate called It is live and accepting membership. Many Red Hanky Handball users have already joined!

About Travis Hollister's ButtSwap

Travis Hollister's ButtSwap is a new sex positive social networking site for gay, bisexual, straight, and transgender men who like to engage in sex play. Our membership embraces the premise that sexual expression between consenting adults is good, positive and healthy. We also believe that societal repression or control of a person's sex-drive or orientation is bad and unhealthy.

ButtSwap is similar to Facebook; rich in features including instant messaging, classified ads, chat rooms, polls, photo albums, video upload, music playlists, polls, blogs, groups (including a new Fisting group), forums, events, privacy controls, networks, friendships and more. The site will have a broader scope than any of my other sites, but will be lean on content at first, but will increase as membership grows. I would surely appreciate your contributions and any feedback you can provide. 

Unlike Facebook, your content is uncensored within legal limitations, our Terms of Use Policy, our Community Guidelines and our Privacy Policy, which lean liberally.

Just like Red Hanky Handball, there are no fees or membership dues associated with the new site. However, join now as this will not be sustainable once membership starts to exceed capacity. Once that happens, existing active participant members will be grandfathered in for free premium access.

Please drop by and check the site out. I think you'll be pleased. 

Best regards,

Travis Hollister
Travis Hollister Media
(AKA BuffDawg)