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What is Fisting?

Red Hanky Handball is a social networking site similar to My Space (TM) or Facebook (TM), except it’s dedicated to gay men interested in fisting, the act of placing the hand into the anus for stimulation and sexual gratification.

Red Hanky Handball is not limited to fisting. Many members in the social network are also interested in other forms of ass play such as role playing, anal sex, toy play (dildos and other objects), electro, bondage, discipline, water sports, and much more.

Men into fisting come from all walks of life—blue collar, white collar, rich, poor black, white, and just about everything in between. Fisters are found all over the world and tend to be highly intelligent, social, generous and caring people.

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Fisting, sometimes referred to as handballing or fist fucking is the act of inserting a hand into the anus. This activity is enjoyed by both straights and gays alike.

Fisting is extremely pleasurable and provides indescribably intense sensations often producing a sort of climax sometimes referred to as a body-gasm and can be experienced multiple times.

Fisting is often misunderstood as a violent expression of sadomasochism. While, this may be the case for some, for most it is an activity that is intimate, social; requires good communicative skills, and trust.

You can learn more about fisting and how to get started by joining RHH.

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