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Why So Formal?
How to Register -- Membership Requirements
About Profile Photos

I do not make any money from this site with the exception of a few dollars per month (less than $5 US) from advertising. Hosting and bandwidth fees are paid directly by me. That said, if I'm going to be paying for this site, then I want quality people that are going to participate and contribute.

There's nothing more annoying to me than getting complaints and criticism, providing customer support to, and paying for bandwidth overages from random people that merely sign up to look at our photos and videos without participating or contributing anything in return.

My formal approach to the new site is to weed out that dead wood and keep the site for those that really care about socializing and sharing our fetish(es) with one another. For those that don't want to contribute or participate there are plenty of other sites they can join.

RHH is not for everyone. It is a site for people comfortable with their bodies, their sexuality and their fetish(es).

Please note the following before attempting to register:

1. SocialParody IDs will be declined. You will have to create a different account for this site

2. Each profile is reviewed upon registration. Those not meeting the necessary criteria are declined without notice

3. Do not attempt to register from a mobile device--it will not process correctly

4. To register, you must do two things:

You must upload a profile picture of your own upon registration:


Cartoons, logos, clip art, scenery shots, objects, etc. are not acceptable


You do not have to be identifiable in the profile photo you upload
All required profile questions must be answered seriously and sincerely:

If your membership has not been approved within 24 hours, your profile or photo was probably insufficient and your membership was declined. Try again, while keeping the requirements above in mind.

I understand an respect the need for some people to protect their anonymity. I'm not expecting anyone to upload a full body picture with smiling face, a big hard dick and an arm in your ass up to the elbow, though that would be nice.

Instead, it would be great if you could at least post a body shot. If that's still asking too much then how about posting a partial body shot? The objective is to give other users some insight into who you are or what you're about. The other objective is to avoid having a member gallery full of the default avatar. That's really boring and doesn't draw anyone's interest.

If you are struggling with a decision about what to post, here are a few ideas:

-- Dick shot
-- Ass shot
-- Dildo play
-- A picture or your hand or fist
-- A shot of you holding a toy
-- You wearing a mask